DIBS Season 2 was released in Spring 2014! Thank you to all those who donated to our Seed & Spark campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you.

DIBS is a series about two best friends and one serious relationship. Theirs.

DIBS was created by Jessie Jolles and Tracy Soren, aka soren & jolles, two Upright Citizens Brigade trained comedians and writers. The two season series focuses on a the strong friendship of two women in opposite stages of their lives. The writers set out to create an heartwarming story with funny, real moments and relatable characters. 


Season 1

Season 2

Cast & Crew Season 1

Joey - Jessie Jolles 
Emily - Tracy Soren
Michael - Trevor Lyon 
Pat - John Purcell
Dwayne - Pat Wise
Sandy - Sarah St. Julien
Danny - Darrel Haynes

Director - Nicole Drespel 
Director of Photography - Gabe Elder 
Editor - Erek Michalak 
Assistant Director - Matthew Strickland 
Sound Supervisor - David (Wm.) Murray
Scenic Design - Lucas Womack 
DIT/Stills Photographer - Matthew Santiago Torres 
Line Producer - Alissa Crist 
Graphics - Julia Kaiser
Production Assistants - Liisa Murray, Scott Reynolds, Sarah St. Julien, and Max Brand

Cast & Crew Season 2

Joey - Jessie Jolles 
Emily - Tracy Soren
Pat - John Purcell 
Ben - Vince Moore
Dwayne - Pat Wise
Evelyn - Martha Hearn
Beef - Nathan Yaffe 

Director - Tracey Gordon
Director of Photography: Gabe Elder
Sound Mixer: Jared Paul
Producer: Kris Wiener
Editor: Erek Michalak
Script Editor: Nicole Drespel
DIT/Set Photographer: Matthew Santiago Torres
Production Assistants: Ilana Rubin, Scott Reynolds, Marguerite Hemmings, Sarah St. Julien, and Ryan Ramirez
Graphics: Julia Kaiser
DIBS theme song written/performed by: 
Pat Wise