we create content

Using our own brand of humor, we work within our client's voice to create shareable, relatable video content, quizzes, and write-ups tailored to their audience. We also consult on content creation, sharing the tools and direction needed for their vision. If you're looking for a team that understands every part of content production, from conception to marketing the final product, soren & jolles is your duo! 

we teach workshops

We teach a variety of improv workshops for companies, conferences, and comedians alike, tailoring the focus with specific themes and exercises. If you're looking for workshops in comedy writing, video content creation, or web series  - hey, guess what, we do those too!

we perform live

Give us a microphone and we've got a show going! We love live audiences and are looking to come to your college, organization, and community. Whether it be sketch comedy, improv, storytelling, or a comedic hybrid, we want to meet you! We also offer a workshop + live show package because learning is IMPORTANT!

They are so funny and lovable! I love them so much.
— Our Moms