soren & jolles, Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles, are a comedy duo living in New York City. After meeting in a Upright Citizens Brigade improv class and working the same volunteer shift at a 56-hour improv festival, the sleep-deprived comedians decided to write together over cinnamon twists in a Taco Bell. It all worked out!

soren & jolles created DIBS, a web series about the importance of friendship during life's little moments. Along with two seasons of DIBS, the pair writes, produces, directs, and acts in comedy videos across the internet.  They have been featured on The Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily, Backstage, Indiewire, Crushable, and more. soren & jolles recently teamed up with Pixable to bring you the very best comedy the world wide web has to offer and they promise, more videos are coming soon!

soren & jolles also perform live all over the city and host their own show at the Treehouse Theater. When they aren't performing, they are just two regular women obsessing over their pets (re: Jessie's cat, Winnie and Tracy's dog, Gia).